Getting It Done On The Web For Your Business

Imagine your success if your web presence and marketing exceeded your expectations. Sadly most business' efforts miss the mark and fail to take advantage of opportunities. Invariably, they suffer the consequences.

At Coppermoon we bring you a more efficient, more effective approach that brings together all relevant ways to generate more business.  Our comprehensive approach gives you peace of mind that all the bases are covered.

We tell your story to the world!

Your website is the center of the web universe. You waste time and money if you drive visitors to a second-rate website.   

The simple truth is we can get it done on the web for you. Website design, Mobile apps, social media marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), video messaging or technology consulting.


Websites We've Built


Your website is your front door to the world. What you do and say there is the first impression you make. Your results tie directly to that impression.

Telling your story in an interesting and compelling way is our mission. 

Check out these sites that now help a few of our clients.


Internet Marketing


Once you have an effective website you must people there. Internet marketing is the solution. This involves deeply understanding of your target visitor, what he/she wants and how you can solve their problems.


Social media has turned marketing and advertising on its head. Which works best for you depends on your product and market. We can help evaluate your situation to recommend and execute a successful campaign.

Tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Foursquare, Reddit, (and others that seem to pop up daily) can dramatically increase your business. We can help you plan and execute.


Everyone loves a kind message from a friend, but email from a marketing bot sending to every possible variation on your mail address is SPAM (yes, that's where it comes from!).

We all hate it. There are ways to ask your customers to send them a kind note that happens to include a marketing offer. We'll teach you the ways of successful email marketing and where it fits in your plans.



Here's my Twitter feed which uploads new content to the site and helps with my SEO. And you get to see how I think.


Mobile devices - Iphones and iPads & Android based phones and tablets - have replaced desktop and laptop PCs as the primary computing device for the majority of Americans.  Much of the work being done on desktop/laptop platforms can be done on a mobile, if there is a specific app build for it. 

We can help you design, develop and test your app idea then get it certified by Apple and Google to sell/deliver in their app stores.

We understand the pitfalls and shortcuts of developing for multiple hardware platforms and operating systems that must integrate with your desktop or web program. Since costs vary from a few hundred dollars to hundreds 0f thousands, we help you calculate ROI of the project.


Video Production

Video engages people and tells your story like no other medium. This help explains the millions of cat videos on Youtube! You can easily leverage the power of video and embed into your website, email and social media marketing.

Here's what some of our clients have done.



Selecting the right technology can be daunting. Cloud computing, core data processing, EMR/EHR, BYOD, cyber security and mobile are only a fraction of the trends that you face, We help ensure that your evaluation process guides you to the right vendor and functionality for your organization and strategy. We are specialists in:

  • RFP development
  • Vendor assessment
  • Technology evaluation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Project management

Our methods have resulted in saving thousands of dollars and wasted time for our clients. We  help banks, credit unions, healthcare/medical researchers and others choose the right technology.